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Sa’at Ka’aba - Men

Sa’at Ka’aba - Men (Home Delivery)
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The « revolution » movement of the Sa’at Ka’aba watches offers, to its carrier, a whole new perspective: the clock hands do not turn from left to right. Instead the hands turn from right to left. 

Just like: 

- The pilgrims of Ka’aba.

- The direction of written and read Arabic.

- The circulation blood inside the Human body  

- The direction of electrons in atom revolves around its nucleus.

- The direction earth rotation around its own axis and around the sun  .

 With our new and unique Sa’atKa’aba watches Tawaf will always be close to you… wherever you are. 

The counter clockwise movement of Sa’atKa’aba watches will give you a one of a kind perspective on time, which other watches cannot offer you.

It is a revolution in the world of watches, as well as a revolution for every Muslim who wears a Sa’atKa’aba for the first time. 

You will get used to it in a few hours or a few minutes if you already read Arabic from right to left. 

 All the models of the Sa’at Ka’aba watch collection display a representation of the holy Ka’aba.




All products from Sa’at Ka’aba watches are guaranteed for a total of 12 months after the product has been shipped. This warranty covers all material and manufacturing faults. It does not cover replacement of batteries, crystals, cases or straps. This warranty is null and void if the internal mechanism has been tampered with, altered in any way, or if the watch has been damaged by accident through misuse or abuse. 

If the watch is getting faulty under normal wearing during the guaranteed period, please email us at: . After we receive the complaint, we will contact you to collect the faulty watch and have it checked by our watch maker, if it’s manufacturing faults, we will replace it and send to you immediately. If it’s not by manufacturing faults, we will charge you the handling cost. 

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